Who Drew Tyler is, is not exactly clear? Drew Tyler came about during the refuting of local one sided news articles in the Mansfield News Journal. One particularly was when the Prosecutor's brother tried to get his job back.  As of late the Drew Tyler gang we call them have created a copycat Mansfielders Perspective page to confuse the public with the original, but its CLEAR which is the original.






Drew Tyler's NEW Community!


A Community of hate? You check it out, you decide.


Mansfielders Perspective UNSENSORED?


Will The Real Drew Tyler Stand Up?


Drew Tyler of Westerville I

This CREEPER stalks my pics on his page, BEWARE!!!! 


Drew Tyler of Westerville II


It's Amazing how both are from Westerville and both attended Ohio State, hmmm?


Who wants to see...

Philly & Drew Tyler go toe to toe?

Comment below, they are sure to read as hey are frequent stalkers here!


Tick Tick Tick

The philly will bring the Drew Tyler gang to light.



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  • PHILLY (Sunday, August 27 17 11:46 pm EDT)


  • Phil Sydnor (Friday, June 17 16 09:01 am EDT)

    Awwww, poor Drew Tyler is in CONtrol yet the self proclaimed can't stop me master can't speak here?
    Now that's ROTFLMAO! Free Speech is for real people my stalker friend!
    Maybe you can get used to your free speech behind closed doors & where electronic devices to record are prohibited? You may have CONtrol over that, here? NOTTA!

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