Justice for Mike Skidmore

Mike skidmore sporting Photography Is Not a Crime Shirt

Mike's Youtube channel they did not find amusing, then they spun it against him once they provoked him and he fought back. The scary part with a child in the room we could not believe it when the guy who started this mess pulled his gun and fired it. Thank God we found out later that his gun jammed, that too attributed to mishandling the weapon.


Mansfield Municiple Public Records

Where the case started????

Public Docket Information
Sheriff Dept. of Richland Co. vs MICHAEL SKIDMORE
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2015 CR 0664

Terrible case, Terrible Counsel - smells!!!!




2x - 2903.13 ASSAULT (MISD 1ST DEGREE)




Convicted of

2x - 2903.13 ASSAULT (MISD 1ST DEGREE)




2016 CA 0080 - The Failed Appeal

Read the Briefs and you see why!


Judgement Entry for appeal 2016 CA 0080 Mike Skidmore





July 9th 2015 Public Meeting?

Early press releases say Mike Skidmore was told to leave this meeting, not so fast! I was there and he was never told to leave. 


Want to know the TRUTH, read my refutes on my Independent "Tell It Like It Is"  page.


Read the Archives here


Watch the 47 minute uncut video here which proves the case of the public being kept from attending this meeting on the premise they were going into executive session. Not a session called on this day they said, the session stemmed from a prior meeting? That's interesting because meeting minutes are kept and NO WHERE in the prior 4 weeks did I find July 9th 2015 as the day to go into executive session. That was a lie, its been proven, and Thank God the voters responded by REMOVING EVERYONE involved in this from Gary Utt, Tim Wert, Bambi Couch Page, and lastly Matt Mayer running for Sheriff. The Jury may have got it wrong no thanks to ineffective counsel and prosecutorial misconduct or Mr Skidmore would not have been convicted on the BOGUS charges bestowed upon him which many agree!



The above sign is posted on the door of our County Building upon arrival you go through metal detectors and checked for weapons, there was NO REASON for this security guard to enter a public meeting not saying a word and attacking this man. Then after causing the mess induces the panic Mr Skidmore was charged with when discharging his weapon nearly shooting not only Mr Skidmore, Commissioner Wert, and a 15yr old boy who was filming the event, and THEY say it was planned?????? - WOW!!!!

They say there was video's on Mike's computers that they believe can prove he planned this event on July 9th? Well , to me it appears yes it was planned, yet in NO WAY by Mike Skidmore, someone who wanted him silenced yes? I believe what his video's DO PROVE is those who work for us don't like being recorded for the record or have the great citizens (Voters) if you will see what our Elected Officials protect and hide from the public. We have seen in the beginning of the Skidmore incident the first lie perpetrated to the media came straight from the Prosecutors office in the way of a media packet that depicted Mike was told to leave and that he was disorderly prior to the illegal touching of an armed security guard who could have easily handled this situation differently? The CLEAR video's below are what the public needs to see. Recording a public records request is not a crime, not telling them who they are is!

The question as citizens is what are they hiding in the Clerks office here in Richland County, Ohio? 

Randy Shepherd in red shirt (above) is considered a vexatious litigator by the Courts here in Richland County, Mike Skidmore was with him on this day filming the public record request. Mike Skidmore filming the incident says Dave Leitenberger yellow shirt touched him for no reason as he was doing nothing illegal, just recording what is said to be a simple record request.


Below we have security guard now known as Matt Mayer who recently ran for Sheriff and lost, may be due to his lack of honesty here? The question is why would he not comply to who he is and why is his badge turned around. Oddly enough acting as a great intimidator he also is heard here impersonating the prosecutors office being he also would not come forward and not answer Mr Skidmores many requests "what prosecutor" he was speaking for? 


Looking at the date of this incident and seeing it shared via youtube and many facebook outlets including the Mansfielders Perspective facebook page its obvious they were embarassed by this. One could say being they said this incident was planned that maybe it was? By these guys and their friend Bambi Couch Page who replaced recently deceased Prosecutor and brother James Mayer who committed suicide after a domestic call. There are many embarrassing moments here, so one would think if there was a "plan" the plan was to silence Mike Skidmore who is known for recording public officials putting them in difficult political situations on the record. Being I have attended a few meetings myself its interesting how our Elected Officials like controlling whats on the record, July 15th 2015 being no different.

Docket Entry on Appeal Destruction of Materials?
Are you kidding entering this on the appeal and NOT copying the Attorney of Record? Anica Blazef Horner quit on Mr Skidmore from what the MP is told.

Document_647766_Destruction Of Materials[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [124.9 KB]
March 8th Judgment Entry made by Magistrate who?????
What's going on here, who is this person????
Adobe Acrobat document [66.0 KB]


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  • Dis Gusted (Monday, March 05 18 10:50 pm EST)

    Put THIS in your corncob pipe & smoke it.

    Adult parole failure Matt the mutt Mayer said from his own mouth, and I quote: "Come on...go with me I'll give you some coke." Meaning cocaine, the exact same thing Eric Clapton sang about.

    Told in my presence at Mr. P's bar, to a long-time friend that works for Richland Bank.

  • Philly (Sunday, March 19 17 07:51 am EDT)

    The hater of the "jokesite" has a NEW copycat page in honor of the MP.
    You should give it a visit and see, it's not about being censored, it's about hate if the truth.


  • Phil Sydnor (Thursday, June 09 16 09:08 pm EDT)

    Tick Tick Tick, one day coming soon either racketeering or conspiracy charges will erupt and the day of rotten to the core shall end.

    Lets start with exposing who Drew Tyler really is?

  • Michael Conley (Tuesday, December 08 15 09:43 am EST)

    Unfortunately I believe that nothing will be done in regards to the citizens rights being violated because supposedly are always in the right. I don't think so. The police and or security are not
    always in the right

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