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Drew Tyler - Fake FB account

Est. 2012 - When MNJ went to FB?

Drew Tyler was established when the Mansfield News Journal went to facebook commenting. Before 2012 Drew Tyler was one of the gang that used German War planes to refute the Devils Advocate. The latest attempt to decieve the readers of the Mansfielders Perspective group on facebook is their copycat page used to spin the admins character with deception tactics, you know...those we have seen in one sided Mansfield News Urinal articles. Oddly enough the MNJ like Drew Tyler wish for the MP to cease & desist refuting their style of one sided news?


Odd ties to the corrupt? Cease and Desist / Change tactics?

John Mayer - 2008

Fired Adult Parole Authority Supervisor.

What happens when you disobey direct orders in a conflict of public interest. Stalking and Menacing will not be tolerated.

RCSO Chuck Metcalf - 2010

Allowed to Retire under disability?

 Richland County sheriff's deputy Chuck Metcalf will have to spend 12 weekends in jail as punishment for lying in support of the 2005 ill-fated Mansfield drug investigation in Playboy involving DEA Agent Lee Lucas.

Unidentified Drew Tyler - 2011

Abuse of Power / County Jail

Kenneth Puckett and his mother, Melinda Puckett, received a $325,000 settlement agreement Nov. 11 from Richland County.

MPD David Menard - 2012

Allowed to resign

Minard, a 16-year veteran of the force, could receive up to three years in prison and a $10,000 fine at his Aug. 13 sentencing. He accepted money from a drug dealer in exchange for tipping off the dealer about investigations.

Bob Ball Cheif of Police - 2012

Still an Investigator for Richland County Coroner

Medina County Assistant Prosecutor Michael McNamara read a plea agreement which included reducing Ball’s five fifth-degree felonies of unauthorized use of property to “attempted use,” making them misdemeanors. He also was charged with three counts of forging identification cards, each a first-degree misdemeanor.

RCSO Eric Bosco lies... - 2013

MNJ Article doubts raised about Bosco removed, hmmm?

Posters Tell It Like it is in regards to his retirement.


Eric Bosko was the lead investigator while he was a Mansfield police detective. In the summer of 2013, the U.S. Attorney's Office announced in a letter that it would not take any more cases handled by Bosko, saying he could be deliberately untruthful and evasive. Bosko has since retired as a captain for the Richland County Sheriff's Office.

MPD's Willam Clemons - 2014

William Clemons pleaded guilty to one count of complicity to attempted aggravated theft. He also pleaded guilty to three counts of filing false and/or fraudulent tax returns.

The former police officer, wearing a motorcycle T-shirt and blue jeans, received a year for attempted aggravated theft and five years probation for the other charges.

He agreed to pay $12,000 in restitution to the escrow account. He was a city police officer for more than 24 years. He retired last July after charges came to light.

MPD Officer Mike Garn - 2016

Officer Garn “GUILTY” on 25 Counts

A former Mansfield police officer, Garn was found guilty on 25 of 34 counts Friday in Richland Common Pleas Court. He could receive up to 21½ years in prison when he is sentenced at 3 p.m. Tuesday before Judge Brent Robinson.

Rotten to the core Lives????

Written by Martin Yant

A brutal, corrupt sheriff.
A coroner who stole from the dead and jeopardized the lives of the living at his medical lab.
A foundation that promoted the personal and prurient interests of Sammy Davis Jr. and Mansfield's elite, then folded minus millions of dollars.
City officials who openly dispensed favors.
Judges who looked down upon those they passed judgment on through stolen eyeglasses.
A prosecutor who ignored all of this and often sought to discredit those who tried to stop it.
A newspaper that not only ignored the corruption, but was actively involved in it.


Is it possible a MOVIE is coming, MORE HERE!

Ok Wall of Shamers, want to prove you are not a Drew Tyler? - Then there's a way to get off this page and move on. Find the Drew Tyler behind the copycat Mansfielders Perspective Page and you will be removed from this watch list. The latest posts have alarmed the family, so now it's on after this...   http://blog.mansfieldersperspective.com/drew-tyler-claims-to-be-irking-the-philly-now-that-is-funny/


Drew Tyler, better watch your back!


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  • Phil Sydnor admin (Monday, December 14 15 10:33 pm EST)

    Ahhh the anonymous one wants to see my Veteran Memorial page.
    Here it is my pusillanimous friend...


  • Phil Sydnor admin (Monday, December 14 15 08:20 pm EST)

    Well well, my anonymous friend on craigslist says he's in CONtrol of my life.
    WOW! - That's some serious thought right there. He and puddintane could be one of the same seeing both like to hijack Facebook pics, Interesting!
    Lets see who CONtrols who here soon when the old boy grows lonely as the best recognition they will get is being stuck in anonymous land on craigslist.
    See ya my friend, I know you will be lurking being you have been following by your own admittance for 5 years.
    Trust me, nobody will ever forget you or your friends on this wall. Maybe you can join them, that's IF you're not already on it?

    Now that's ROTFL!

  • Drew Tyler (Tuesday, December 08 15 12:14 pm EST)

    I see you took down the "hero" section of your joke site. If you think your dad was a hero and you worshipped him...I would have taken it down too.

  • Phiily (Sunday, December 06 15 05:30 pm EST)

    Poor Drew Tyler wish he could post somewhere besides craigslist. Prove who you are my anonymous loser friend and maybe I will let you post here.

    Hows that for being in CONtrol puppet master. 😄

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